Public meeting on a new vision for Rathangan

All invited

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Public meeing on a new vision for Rathangan

File photo: Rathangan

Rathangan people are invited to attend a special meeting to put forward ideas for the future development of the town at the Community Centre on September 14. 

Tidy Towns Chairman, John Fullam is calling for a big turnout.

“We need people to come along on the night and give their ideas and opinions. It’s really important. It’s up to the people of Rathangan. It’s our town,” he said.

Dep Fiona O’Loughlin also welcomed Kildare County Council’s commitment to a new Urban Development Scheme for Rathangan.

Paul Hogarth Architecture and Urban Design Planners have been appointed to oversee the project.

“I am delighted that there is progress being made on the urban development plans for Rathangan. Rathangan is my hometown and I have always remained hugely involved in the sustainable progression of the town.

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“Rathangan Tidy Towns do incredible voluntary work in Rathangan, as do many other community and sporting organisations. Our town of Rathangan has three modern schools and a great new Community Centre as well a great community.

“We need to look at how we can enhance our town, environs of and waterways  to allow for increased investment to the area and further growth of the town. There are a number of  infrastructural changes that need to be looked at including areas where footpaths could be widened for pedestrians and roads widened to allow for the increased traffic both in and out of Rathangan.”  

She said the Kildare County Development Plan 2017-23 incorporated a number of towns for an urban development scheme to be completed and Rathangan is one of the first to commence.

“For this plan to work there needs to be close consultation between Kildare County Council, the Tidy Towns committee, and the community, to bring forward an excellent Urban Design Scheme in Rathangan, put together a plan with vision, and seek the necessary funding,” she said.

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On September 14 a public presentation will be held in Rathangan which will provide a platform for the community to listen to and engage with James Hennessey from Paul Hogarth and Co.

“There will then be a public consultation period later into September; which will allow all residents, young and old, an opportunity  to voice their vision for Rathangan,” she said.

O’Loughlin concluded “I look forward to hearing everyone’s contribution and working with the community to provide a town for all and one that we are all proud of. I want to particularly acknowledge the support of Joe Boland, Director of Services KCC and John Fullam, chair of Rathangan tidy towns.”