Tickets sold out for Liam Gallagher Weston aerodrome gig near Leixlip

Samhain Festival

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Tickets sold out for Liam Gallagher Weston aerodrome gig near Leixlip

Liam Gallagher on stage

Tickets for Liam Gallagher’s Weston aerodrome gig on October 19 have sold out.

According to the ticketmaster website, there are no tickets left for the concert, which is being held at a hanger at the facility located on the Kildare/Dublin border near Leixlip.

He is due to be joined by The Strypes as part of the Samhain Festival. 

However, local resident Caitriona McClean has some concerns about the event.

The secretary for Fianna Fáil in Lucan said South Dublin County Council (SDCC) had not received an application for permission to hold the event so far.

“The Concert Licence section have received no application. I am concerned whether there is some loophole in planning and have asked SDCC to say whether planning permission is in fact required. According to information on the internet last night, tickets are almost sold out.,” she said.

Ms McClean said she has raised the issue of the consultation on rezoning at Weston Aerodrome as a matter of huge concern. She asserts it relates to more than the development of the aerodrome as an airport.

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She spoke at the recent Leixlip public meeting to make that point.

“Using the holiday period for this process is not in the public interest. Rezoning to Enterprise and Employment would mean a Business Park and a substantial change in the environment. What environment impact has been undertaken? It's not just a matter of having potentially a regional airport on our doorstep with all the noise and environmental issues that go with that. There is far more going on than that," she said.

"I have alerted Weston Park residents and Kew Park and others in smaller developments, I am going door to door with this. This must not happen.”

She continued; "The development of the Weston Aerodrome for enterprise will increase the value of land and the re sale value but it would decrease the value of local housing and our quality of life. Rezoning from rural is not in the interest of residents and we must not be made suffer for the potential profits of others. Rezoning benefits not the community but the owners of the land. Weston Aerodrome is not suitable as a Business Park or a regional airport."

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