'Unsafe' footpaths in Kildare estate

Elderly residents unable to access footpaths

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter



'Unsafe' footpaths in Kildare estate


Independet Cllr Joanne Pender called on Kildare County Council to assess unsafe footpaths in a Co. Kildare estate.

At the July Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District meeting, Cllr Pender said the footpaths in Churchview estate in Suncroft “aren’t accessible” and there are defects making them “unsafe”.

She added that the estate has an elderly population, and Local Property Tax is paid because “these are the things they want to see done.”

Cllr Pender requested bits of work be done on the worst parts.

She called on the Council to carry out any works needed.

In response, the council said: 

“As the location is not included in the Roadworks Programme for 2017, no funding has been identified for any works at this location. 

“The Municipal District Office will continue to carry out remedial works as resources permit.”