Armed gardai had to taser Bull Staffordshire, Naas Court hears

Dogs attacked neighbour's pet

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Armed gardai had to taser Bull Staffordshires, Naas Court hears

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Naas District Court heard that it took Gardai five hours to restore order at a residence in Blessington when two American Bull Staffordshire dogs broke through a fence and attacked and wounded a neighbour’s dog.

At one point, the Gardai's armed Emergency Response Unit was called and eventually they had to use a taser.

The attacked dog was put to sleep, such were the severity of its injuries. The American Bull Staffordshires were also put down.

The owner of the dogs, Sharon Di Brita, with an address listed as 36 Oakdrive, Blessington, pleaded guilty at Naas District Court last Thursday, July 27, to owning an uncontrolled dog and possessing no dog license on June 23, 2015.

The court heard that on the day in question, her dogs had broken through an adjoining fence into number 37 and attacked their dog.

It is understood that Ms Di Brita was away on holidays at the time and it was understood that her dogs were being cared for by a neighbour.

When she returned she was, Gardai said, very apologetic and compensated her neighbour for the cost of the vet fees. he court heard that she no longers owns dogs.

Ms Di Brita has no previous convictions and lives at that address with her husband.

She came to court, her solicitor Tony Hanahoe said, with €1,000 as a gesture of remorse. Judge Zaidan ordered that the €1,000 be handed over by way of compensation to her neighbour and fined her a further €600.

He also disqualified her from owning a dog for the next five years.