Kildare County Council urged to buy houses near Naas town centre

Residences are on the market

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Kildare County Council urged to buy houses near Naas town centre

Cill Corbain, Naas.

Kildare County Council is coming under pressure to buy a development of ten houses just off the main street in Naas.

The Leader understands that KCC is to be  requested to make an approach to buy the homes at Cill Corbain, between Corban’s Lane and South Main Street.

Currently there are more than 5,000 people on the waiting list for accommodation across County Kildare.

The houses are immediately adjacent to the unopened Naas Shopping Centre and the centre developer, Marshalsea, issued the letters to the tenants towards the end of last year.

The letters indicated that the houses are to be sold.

The centre has yet to open and a receiver was recently appointed with the intention of finding a possible buyer.

At the moment the homes are being rented. Many of the adults living there are originally from Bangladesh and some have been living there for over ten years.

Former Fine Gael TD Tony Lawlor believes KCC should buy the houses. “It makes sense for Kildare County Council to buy these homes. They are not privately owned and are on the market. If necessary KCC could buy the houses through a Compulsory Purchase Order. I believe the houses should be brought into public ownership and given to people who are need of a place to live,  in the normal way,” said Mr. Lawlor.

A resident told the Leader in December the families from Bangladesh are very concerned because available accommodation elsewhere in the Naas area (some houses are being let for €1,400 a month) is not affordable for most of them - and some landlords are not interested in letting to families.

Although most are from Bangladesh, many are also citizens of Ireland and their children attend schools in Naas