Residents say Naas apartment hallways used as toilet as faeces left near homes

Gardai summoned to Naas apartment block

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Gardai summoned to Naas apartments

Faeces which a resident says was left near her home

Gardai have been called to deal with alleged public order incidents at a Naas apartment block this week.

Some of the residents living at Riverview, off Newbridge Road, claim that young people have defecated and urinated in hallways close to the entrance door to their apartments.

A garda spokesman has confirmed that local gardai have attended the scene on more than one occasion. Kildare County Council has not replied to a query about the presence of a security guard at the 29 apartment development, which is owned by KCC.

“At least one of the people have gone to the toilet in the public areas here, they are making noise at all hours and people, including young people, are coming and going at all hours of the night. I am terrified of them and extremely angry,” a female resident told the Leader today.

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She said that any people causing the trouble should not be allowed to live there.

The resident added: ”The gardai have been out and tried to deal with the it but Kildare County Council are not doing enough. People living here have been threatened and the fire alarm has been set off.”

A KCC spokeswoman has previously declined to comment on the issue other than to say that the council has an anti social behaviour strategy.