Kildare Charities urged to ensure they are registered

Charities Regulator

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Leader Reporter


Kildare Charities urged to ensure they are registered

The Charities Regulator of Ireland are urging charitable organisations in Kildare and further afield to ensure they are registered.

CEO John Farrelly has today warned that organisations which are not complying with their legal obligations are directly undermining public trust and confidence in the wider charity sector, and are in breach of the Charities Act.

“All charities should now be registered on the Charities Register and should have provided up to date details,” Mr Farrelly told charity leaders at the Wheel’s annual conference in Dublin.

The Charities Regulator has begun targeting these organisations, he said.

Over the last year, working with the Revenue Commissioners, they had removed 704 charities from the Charities Register.  During that period, 966 new charities had been registered.

The Charities Regulator did not place a major reporting burden on organisations, he noted,  requiring only that small charities register and keep their register details up to date, while larger charities are required to provide additional information and may be required to provide audited financial statements.

“The register provides a transparent source of information for donors, beneficiaries and the public,” Mr Farrelly said.

“It is our intent that an ordinary person can access the register on their computer or mobile device, examine any registered charity, and decide if they want to support them with their time or money. 

Compliant, well run charities will benefit from this approach.

 “In the coming months we will be launching a publicity campaign to encourage the public and donors to use the register,” he said.