Women's Integrated Network in Athy celebrates 10 years

Birthday party for Kildare women's organisation

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Leader reporter



Women's Integrated Network in Athy celebrates 10 years

Mary Hennessy, of Kildare Leader Partnership, with Frances Soney-Ituen, of WIN (Womens Integrated Network) Athy, pictured launching the ‘WIN’S International Cookery Book. Photo: Tony Keane

The Women’s Integrated Network celebrated ten years in Athy last week.

There was a great turn out at the event which took place at the library.

WIN Athy is a voluntary, not for profit and non political women’s network.

Its remit is to empower all women for positive integration through quality information provision, skills, knowledge acqusition, training, development and social networking for the common good.

Their vision is to develop a positively integrated community where all citizens are equal, respected, appreciated, celebrated and empowered to attain their full potential for the common good.

Leah Molloy, Kirstin, and Katrice Soney-Ituen, and John Paul Ugwu, pictured at the 10th Anniversary of WIN's (Womens Integrated Network) launch in Athy, pictured on Thursday, June 8, at Athy Library.  
Photos: Tony Keane