Lovebird Jack survives ram raid at Naas pet shop

Feathers fly in Naas raid

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Lovebird Jack survives ram raid at Naas pet shop

Jack the Lovebird pictured today.

If only Jack had been a parrot, or even a stool pigeon.

Then he’d have been able to get his own back by identifying the culprits who ruffled his feathers. He’d have sung like a canary and told the gardai who did what, when they turned up. Jack is a Lovebird - who wasn't feeling the love this morning.

This story isn’t for the birds. It’s a fact that pet supplies store Petstop, at Tougher’s Business Park, Naas, was broken into early today. The culprits, who rammed a car into the front of the premises at 4 am, made off only with the contents of a charity box.

The entrance to Petstop was damaged

In the process Jack was turned tail over beak, upside down in his cage, because he had the misfortune to be perched close to the charity box. 

Shop manager Brendan McEvoy found the hapless Jack in his cage on the floor – hours after the bird had flown so to speak and culprits felt as free as  birds, for now at least.

“Jack was fine as were all of the animals in the shop; we had them checked by a vet. I want to urge all business owners in the area to take extra care to try to protect themselves against this type of incident and not to leave cash on their premises, “ Mr. McEvoy told the Leader.

It was apparent that the culprits – it’s believed there were three – caused much more damage by breaking in. It’s estimated that the charity box contained a mere €4. Mr. McEvoy said Petstop, open there since May 2014, now intends to made a donation to the Barnardos Ireland charity nest egg.