Kildare third highest disposable income in Ireland

But still 18% down on the pre-recession peak

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare third highest disposable income

Kildare is doing well

Latest figures reveal that the people of Kildare have one of the highest levels of disposable income in the state, notwithstanding a significant drop from 2009 onwards.

According to the latest available figures, which are from 2014, the average disposable income for Kildare people was €19,385.

The average for the entire nation was €19,178.

In fact Kildare is third highest after Dublin (€21,963) and Limerick (€20,395) were higher.

However the statistics, released today by the Central Statistics Office, reveal that the average disposable income in Kildare, as was the case throughout the entire country, dropped suddenly in 2010 as the recession took hold.

As of 2014 it has never recovered to pre-recession levels.

Despite growing from €21,500 in 2006 to €23,786 in 2008, it dropped consistently over the following three years to €18,858 in 2011.

At €19,385, it’s still 18% down on the pre-recession peak.