Protest vigil at Naas Hospital

Waiting Lists

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


A small number of people attended a vigil staged at the entrance to Naas Hospital tonight. It started at 7.45.

Organised by self-styled action group Still Awaiting Health Campaign, they stood near the main entrance holding lighted candles to “protest at the loss of innocent lives due to health cutbacks.”

The group is highlighting the fact that 5,773 people are on the waiting list for out patients appointments at Naas Hospital.

One of them, Naas resident Joe Conroy, described the waiting list as “barbaric” and claimed that the waiting lists are even longer than officially recognised when  patients on “pre-admit” or “pre-planned” hospital lists are taken into account.

“Simon Harris (Minister for Health) has failed to act even after the issue was highlighted on RTE television,” he told the Leader.

Celbridge man Pat Grant said the purpose of the vigil was to provide people with an opportunity to show some empathy.

“Whether you have money shouldn’t decide whether you live or die on a waiting list,” he added.