Newbridge Irish boxing champ reunites with his old friend and foe

Fellow champions meet up after 45 years

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Newbridge Irish boxing champ reunites with his old friend and foe

Mick Collins and Peter Mullins

Two former Irish heavyweight champions from the sport of Irish amateur boxing - Mick Collins from Newbridge and Westport man, Peter Mullins met up for the first time in 45 years last weekend.

Neither had set eyes on each other since their title bouts in 1972 and 1973. Mick was heavyweight champion in 1970 and he fought Peter for the title in 72, and again in 73.

Peter came out the winner on both occasions, but he does admit he was very lucky to have his hand raised in 72.

“I was sure Mick had won and was surprised when they called my name".

Peter went on to win the title again in 75. The gentlemen met up at a boxing Inter County meeting between Kildare and Mayo, hosted by Kilcullen Boxing Club in the sports complex, Kilcullen on February 5.

Speaking afterwards, the Mayo man said; “It was great meeting Mick after all these years. We had a great chat and talked about the fights like they happened only yesterday".

Coincidently Mick and his wife Margaret have a holiday break arranged in Peter’s hometown of Westport in the coming weeks and the lads have arranged to catch up again for a pint.