Naas road danger poses safety risk to residents at Fishery Lane

Roundabout at the entrance to Naas Industrial Estate.                     Photo Tony Keane.
Action is needed to make a dangerous road junction safe at the Naas Industrial Estate.

Action is needed to make a dangerous road junction safe at the Naas Industrial Estate.

Local councillor Seamie Moore says “several accidents and near accidents” have taken place at a roundabout on Fishery Lane, which serves as a junction with Naas Industrial Estate.

It’s expected the issue will be raised today (February 18) at a Kildare County council (naas area) meeting.

The danger arises when trucks, sometimes travelling too fast, exit the industrial estate, to a flat “fried egg” roundabout.

Cllr. Moore wants Kildare County Council to put up speed restriction ramps and signs to warn drivers approaching the roundabout from both the industrial estate and Fishery Lane, where some 20 families live.

“Because the junction is not controlled by lights trucks tend to drive out very fast. There is a tendency for them to keep driving but unfortunately there is a roundabout there and a local man had his car written off there recently,” said Cllr. Moore.

He said local residents, who have worked to keep the road tidy have highlighted the dangers and have previously contacted the council about other road safety issues in the area, including making bends safer. “Warning signs are required. The area is privately owned and because of this the council is not in control in the way it would be if this was publicly owned. But the absence of any kind of advance warning is worrying. This is about it requires warning signs and there are none. It’s about alerting drivers because they have no idea there is traffic coming from their left,” explained Cllr. Moore.

He said the roundabout was only put in in the first place in the expectation that retail development would take place on the former GAA field - but this hasn’t materialised.