€112K spent on the Newbridge Town Hall since 2001

Newbridge Town, Kildare.Photo:Michael Donnelly.
A whopping €112,191 has been spent on Town Hall works since 2001 it has been revealed.

A whopping €112,191 has been spent on Town Hall works since 2001 it has been revealed.

Newbridge Town Councillors recieved a break down of Town Hall expenditure at this month’s Town Council meeting.

The figures showed that a total of €67,181 was spent on works which included €47,809 on repairs to the roof in 2001. A total of €10,340 was spent on reports, while €3,413 was spent on surveys. Architect fees for the unfinished hall amounted to €31,257 in 2013.

Cllr Murty Aspell slammed the report as a ‘nothing report’.

“Why are we only going back ten years?” he said. “Are we getting half the picture?”

The Town Clerk, Anne Green said that anything that was done to the Town Hall was on the report.

Cllr Aspell then asked what were the fees for and was told that they covered the cost of the architect. Cllr Micheal ‘Spike’ Nolan said ‘nothing was going to be done’ with the town hall.

Cllr Willie Hamilton said that he was now more concerned with the future works of the hall.

Councillors heard that construction work will begin on March 3 next and is due for completion by July 30, 2014.

Cllr Fiona O’Loughlin said that Kildare County Council must commit tht the hall will be used for community and council purposes.

The Town Manager, John La Harte said that no committment could be made at this time.

“That will be a decison for the council at the time,” he said.

The meeting also heard that any funds not spent on the town hall development will go back to Kildare County Council.

Mayor Deely said that the main thing was to get the work started.“We all want to get this started,” he said.