Prosperous man jailed for driving while disqualified

A Prosperous man has been jailed for five months after he pleaded guilty to several charges under the Road Traffic Act.

A Prosperous man has been jailed for five months after he pleaded guilty to several charges under the Road Traffic Act.

Liam Doran, whose address is listed as 29 Anne St, Prosperous faced charges relating to two separate incidents of driving while disqualified on March 23, 2011 at Ballynafagh and on March 7, 2011 at Firmount Cross, Clane.

Naas District Court heard evidence last Wednesday, May 23 that on the evening of March 23, Gardai stopped the defendant after they noticed that he only had one head light.

The gardai knew the driver to be a disqualified driver.

He told them that he was on his way to check his horses. However, his car was full of plastic bags and they felt he was going to engage in fly tipping, a common practice in that area.

There was a female, his daughter, in the car with him.

On the other occasion, which occurred at Firmount Cross, Clane, he was stopped and was being dealt with by a Garda for a similar charge and somehow believed that another garda who was there at the time had arrested him in the past for something he felt he hadn’t done.

The court heard that the defendant began to roar at the garda and verbally abuse him.

“I’ll make you wear your boots,” he told the garda, adding that he was “a thick ignorant bastard”.

And he warned him: “The only thing saving you is the uniform.”

Mr Doran’s daughter, Eileen tried to calm him down and apologised for his behaviour.

He has 15 previous convictions, for offences ranging from having no insurance, littering, handling stolen property, trespassing and under the Road Traffic Act.

Acting for him, Conal Boyce explained that Mr Doran is 61 years old and separated. He has 12 children, all of whom are grown up. He lives with his daughter Eileen.

“He’s not acquainted with the Road Traffic Act. He’s kicked its tyres a few times, but never actually bought into it,” he noted.

“He says, for what it’s worth that on the night in question his daughter became ill and he took over the driving.

“He knows the difficulty he’s in. He does take care of his horses very well – he has seven of them. He’s more concerned about their care than his own.

“He does not drink alcohol. He has suffered from depression for which he is on medication and has several medical conditions including a heart condition, high blood pressure, arthritis.”

The judge turned to the defendant. “Why?”

“Why not?” the defendant replied.

“That’s why you’re going to jail – you just don’t care. I blame the Oireachtas. There is no step up punishment for people like you.

“It’s a joke. There should be four or five months sentence. You know the system too well. I have more sympathy for the horses than I do for him.

Mr Doran was disqualified from driving for the next 15 years. He was sentenced to a total of 5 months in prison.