Hero neighbour saves man from burning house in Kildare town

A father of two, who saved his neighbour from a burning house, has been heralded for his bravery.

A father of two, who saved his neighbour from a burning house, has been heralded for his bravery.

David McCormack’s quick action prevented his friend’s death when he rescued him from his home at Rowanville, Kildare town on Sunday August 14. Another neighbour who arrived on the scene praised David for his fast response.

Local man Gordan Turner recalled how events unfolded shortly after 12.30am. “I was upstairs in my own house when I heard glass breaking. I thought it was someone trying to break in. I looked out and I saw David McCormack running so I went down stairs and I saw the fire. I heard David shouting from inside for help to get the man out as he got to the bottom of the stairs. There was smoke everywhere. It was gagging, it was horrible, I couldn’t get in. He got him out of the front of the house just as the curtains caught fire. If it was 30 seconds or a minute more, they wouldn’t have him got out. Fair play to David, he saved the man’s life. It could have very easily gone the other way.”

The man at the heart of the dramatic rescue said he acted without thinking.

“I was in the house before I realised how much danger I was really in,” he stressed. He told of how he also heard glass breaking from his own house. He then made his way outside where he heard the man inside the burning building calling for help from an upstairs bedroom. He saw him through the window.

“I saw the smoke coming out of everywhere, even the letter box. I saw him leaning out the window asking for help. I went into the house and I couldn’t see anything with the smoke. It took me a few minutes to find him. I knew the layout of the houses as they are all the same. I got him up and I inhaled a lot of smoke. It was about five seconds before I managed to drag him outside. Luckily he was grand. He went to hospital to get checked out,” he explained.

Another neighbour, Pat Sheridan came to help. “He came straight away with the hose and the neighbours got the fire out,” said David. His wife Mary Ellen and daughters Ciara (12) and Kerrianne (6) must be very proud of the brave dad.

David is keen to point out that the neighbours in Rowanville were quick to rally around and support their neighbour, when he was in trouble. He said it is one of those tight-knit communities that look out for one another.