Naas man told to cop on

A NAAS man was told to go and “cop himself on” by a Garda Inspector at Naas District Court last Wednesday, October 31.

A NAAS man was told to go and “cop himself on” by a Garda Inspector at Naas District Court last Wednesday, October 31.

Kevin Murray whose address is listed as 16 Patrician Crescent, Naas was out drinking on December 9, 2011. He got a taxi at 1am and asked the driver to bring him and another male to the gym in the Monread area.

There had been, the court heard, an awful lot of drink taken.

Along the way, he informed the driver that he was going to Monread “to hurt someone”.

The driver stopped the car and asked him to get out.

As the car drove off, Mr. Murray punched the wing mirror, breaking it and causing €456.43 in damage.

Gardai were alerted and spoke to the defendant soon after.

He was, Judge Patrick Cline heard, very aggressive.

He resisted arrest and ran, necessitating a chase. When he was caught he continued to resist arrest until eventually he was arrested.

The defendant has previous convictions on a number of charges and has served time in prison, including damaging property, blackmail and extortion and affray.

“Well, it’s not blackmail or extortion, but it is was a hell of a lot of alcohol taken,”Judge Cline noted.

“He is 24 years old......” Tony Hanahoe began.

“I don’t want to hear about dead fathers or pregnant girlfriends!” the Judge interrupted him.

“It appears the birth and death rates go up when I sit here!

“I want see some 50’s!.......Aaagh, very good,” he said as he saw Mr. Hanahoe hand over a bundle of €50 notes to Inspector Patsy Glennon.

“There’s €500 there,” Mr. Hanahoe said.

He added that his client was very sorry for his actions. He was “out of it” at the time.

“He was Freddie Mercury,” Judge Cline joked: “He wanted to break free.”

Mr. Hanahoe assured the court that his client has gone off the drink since the incident and hasn’t had a drink since.

However Inspector Glennon informed the court that the defendant was in the Garda Station the day before his court appearance and “there was a strong smell of drink off him”.

“Well, they were my instructions,” Mr. Hanahoe noted.

“In some ways he’s not a bad lad,” Inspector Glennon said. “If only you’d only learn something, and go away and cop yourself on.

“He’s not an unpleasant man if you meet him on the street,” he reiterated.

The case was adjourned to allow for the preparation of a community serivice report.