Sallins Church break-in is “an insult”

The  church at Sallins.            Photo Tony Keane
A break-in at the Catholic church in Sallins has been described as an insult to the community.

A break-in at the Catholic church in Sallins has been described as an insult to the community.

Two ciboria, from which Holy Communion is dispensed during Mass, were stolen from the Church of the Guardian Angels last weekend (Holy Saturday).

“But the real crime was against the community of Sallins because the Blessed Sacrament was taken and left strewn around the church,” said local priest Fr. Declan Thompson CC.

“Media attention will focus on the two ciboria but these items can be replaced; what happened upset the parishioners particularly the older members who come to the church. This was very offensive, a great insult to all people of faith,” Fr. Thompson told the Leader on Monday, April 1.

Fr. Thompson also said some speculation centred on the possible involvement of members of the Travellers’ community but he felt this was unlikely.

“Doors and locks were broken but this hardly matters and nobody was injured but the damage was to the sensibilities and faith of people and what they respect.

“The people who broke into the church, if they had any kind of Catholic background should have known what was in the tabernacle but these are the times we live in,” said Fr. Thompson.

“I’m not interested in who did it; there’s not much they can do to right the wrong,” he added.

Local Fianna Fail representative James Lawless condemned the break-in saying it is “it is further evidence of the degradation of law and order under this government.

He added: “The village is in shock.

“Two or more raiders broke through the door and smashed into the church, and this has caused great upset to the parish. To attack a place of worship and a sacred place, especially at this Easter time, is a new low.”

“The continuing withdrawal of Garda resources has left communities exposed time and again and that is now evidenced in this shocking crime. Burglaries in Kildare are up 46% in the latest figures.”

- Paul O’Meara