Tree falls in freak gust

Paul O’Meara

Paul O’Meara

RESIDENTS of a Naas housing estate avoided serious injury when a tree fell on to a public area close to the Newbridge Road.

The tree – thought to be between 100 and 200 years old – fell during gale force weather conditions in the early hours of Monday morning at Jigginstown Green.

The incident was witnessed by local man Eddie Maher.

“I was driving into Devoy Terrace where I live after leaving the Newbridge road at 3.40am. There was an extremely strong gust which came out of nowhere up the road and it almost lifted my vehicle,” Mr Maher told the Leader.

Mr Maher was driving a heavy DX recovery jeep which he uses to collect crashed or abandoned vehicles.

“This was a very strong gust which lifted the jeep. It was very windy at the time but I’ve never experienced anything like the strength of it. I’m not joking, it was a freak gust which arrived all of a sudden and I would say it lasted for only a second and it was gone.”

Mr Maher heard a crash and looked across the road to see the tree striking the ground. He reported the incident to Naas garda station.

“I’m told the tree could have been 200 years old and it was very fortunate nobody was under it when it fell. After the tree fell it split open on the ground and you see that it was rotten inside.”