Kildare County Council’s budget slashed by half a million

A cash-strapped Kildare County Council will see its budget slashed by €564,622 this quarter.

A cash-strapped Kildare County Council will see its budget slashed by €564,622 this quarter.

This reduction reflects in part the average take up of household charge payment in the county, it has been revealed.

The government cuts from the Department of the Environment’s local government fund will impact directly on the budget for day-to-day activities in Kildare, including the upkeep of non-national roads and certain local governmnent initiatives.

A statement from Kildare County Council, which confirmed the orginal budget for the year was €20,127,482 said the cuts reflect “an adjustment based on the level of household [charge] compliance achieved to date of 55%”.

“This issue will be considered by the members of Kildare County Council at their monthly meeting on 30 June,” the statement read.

The agreed budget for KCC for this year was already down 6.84 % on last year’s, at €21,604,877.

Meanwhile, a number of protestors joined in a national protest against the Household Charge which was held outside the Dail last Wednesday 18 July, at 5 pm. Protestors from Athy, Rathangan, Kildare town and Newbridge joined 1,500 angry members of the Campaign Against The Household And Water Charges in a march from Central Bank to The Dáil.

The cuts were described as government “bully boy tactics” by a local Sinn Fein spokesperson Mark Lynch.

He said that imposing more cuts “will have a serious impact on the provision of services for hundreds of thousands of families”. “Last December the Department of the Environment told Kildare County Council what their 2012 allocation from local government funds would be. Kildare County Council agreed their annual estimates on this basis. At no stage were the council told that this funding was dependent on the collection of the household charge,” he said.