Wall check sought after tragic Naas death

THE Kildare Coroner is to ask the local authority to check the capping stones on walls at Sarto Park in Naas.

THE Kildare Coroner is to ask the local authority to check the capping stones on walls at Sarto Park in Naas.

The Coroner, Dr. Denis Cusack, said he would do so after hearing evidence in an inquest into the death of 37 year old Thomas Connors, 120 Sarto Park, on 2 June 2011.

In a non jury hearing at Naas on 14 May, Dr. Cussack concluded that Mr. Connors had died from an accident and “misadventure.”

His death came about either as a fall from a 7ft 9 inch high wall at the back of his house or being struck by stone cap from the wall which Garda weighed at 33.88kg or a combination of both.

Garda Supt. Pat Mangan described this stone as of “significant” weight.

The inquest heard that Gardai had carried out intensive investigation after Mr. Connors was found by a neighbour on the ground in the afternoon of 2 June. He head injuries and a broken leg.

Gardai and ambulance services were called just before 5 pm on the day.

While his wife, Bridget Connors, said he had been depressed and described in detail how she tried to stop him drinking too much alcohol, Dr. Cusack, there was no suggestion from the evidence that he had tried to take his own life.

He had been drinking that day and his blood alcohol level was 280mg. There were also prescribed medicines in his system but these were within the presribed limits.

Poignantly, a next door neighbour of Mr. Connors , Margaret Porter, told how she met him earlier in the afternoon and he told her that she was the best neighbour he ever had and shook her hand.

Dr. Cusack said he had taken into account all the statements made by neigbours, friends and family

Bridget Connors said she had been married to Tom, originally from Limerick, for eighteen years and they had three children. She told how she had tried to stop him drinking and get him into reading classes, how she had tried to get him to talk more about what was on his mind and how he had told her, at one point, that he was “fed up.”

She also said that Tom felt that the house had a curse on it and they had got it blessed.

She said that around 4.30 pm that day, she got a “bad feeling,” following the events earlier in the day when he had been drinking.

Dr. Cusack and Supt. Mangan extended their sympathy to Tom Connor’s family.

Brian McMahon, solicitor, representing Bridget Connors, thanked the Coroner on their behalf for the way the investigation was carried out.