Single mother of four jailed

Mother of three was jailed for road traffic offences.
A single mother of four has been jailed and banned from driving after she pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while disqualified.

A single mother of four has been jailed and banned from driving after she pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while disqualified.

Philomena Kasie whose address is listed as 21 Millbank Sallins, was stopped by Garda David Kennedy on October 15 last driving a Chrysler Voyager, on the Dublin road, Clane.

She appeared before Judge Desmond Zaidan at Naas District Court last Wedensday, May 22.

She had previously been banned from driving and as a result faced a charge driving while disqualified, having no insurance, having no driving license and giving a false name to the Garda.

At the time, she denied being the defendant, although she later rang the Garda station and admitted it.

The defendant has six previous convictions, including one for driving while disqualified.

Representing her, Matt Byrne explained that she had come to Ireland with her husband - who has since left her and is being un-supportive to her and their four children.

Her children go to school in Straffan. On the day in question the school contacted her to tell her to collect her children. She panicked and believed she had no alternative but to get them in the car.

“She has no support mechanisms in this country,” Mr. Byrne told the court. “Her mother lived with her for a time but has now returned to Gana.”

“In 2010 family home had burned down. This created a difficulty for her because she was not able to afford rent in Straffan – so she moved to Sallins.

“There is no maintenance order in place from her husband. This is a women I have a great deal of sympathy for.

“The penny has finally dropped with her and the lesson has been learned.”

Now, she goes on the bus with her children in the morning and stays in Straffan for the day until they are finished school, before returning home on the bus with them.

“She can’t afford a taxi,” Mr. Byrne said.

“I’m asking the court to be as lenient as possible,” he added, and explained that “as regards giving the false details, she simply panicked.

“There is simply nobody to care for the children,” the solicitor said, adding “they are currently in school.

“She’s somebody who deserves a chance.”

However Judge Zaidan saw it differently. Noting that all of her previous convictions related to road traffic offences.

He sentenced her to a total of eight months in custody for the no insurance as well as fining her a total of €4,400 and disqualifying her from driving for 10 years.

“In light of her circumstances, would you consider suspending the sentence,” Mr. Byrne asked the Judge.

“No. I have a duty to the public. This is someone with no regard to the rules of the road. She has to mend her ways.”

He also turned down a request from Mr. Byrne for a consent period in custody.

“I haven’t got a heart of stone. I feel sorry her kids,” Judge Zaidan concluded.