Raw sewage flowing through Kildare town estate

Residents of an estate in Kildare town have been forced to open up man holes in the area to clear out sewage pipes.

Residents of an estate in Kildare town have been forced to open up man holes in the area to clear out sewage pipes.

The estate, Curragh Plains, has not been taken in charge by Kildare County Council and have been unable to get satisfaction from the developer.

At the start of May, some residents had gallons of sewage flowing into their gardens, and initially Kildare County Council was hesitant about getting involved, one of the residents told the Leinster Leader.

However, eventually they did and diagnosed two problems in the area. The first was that a pumping station was not working, which caused a backlog of sewage to build up.

The other was that a blockage, caused by baby wipes, had built up over time, forcing the sewage up through man holes.

“The residents are opening the manholes themselves and clearing the bloackages of baby wipes with sticks,” David Cummins who lives in the area explained.

Mr Cummins first encountered the problem when he got a call from his wife on the Friday of the bank holiday weekend. He rushed home from work to discovered raw sewage flowing into his garden and heading for the door way of his house.

He was forced to dig a channel through the garden to take it away.

“I was up till 2.30 preventing it from coming into the house and as I’m writing, it is still flowing fairly fast (about a bucket every 2 minutes),” he explained in an email to this reporter.

“The channel is working but it’s the toilet paper that keeps blocking it up.”

Mr Cummins has two young children under the age of three, like many of the families in the area.

He said he was worried at the effects on his youngest, an eight month old, who had just learned to crawl.

Speaking yesterday explained that the County Council had since done a lot of work in the area. “They’ve been fairly helpful. I was onto them a few times and they’ve come out to us.”

However, he explained that with the estate in limbo, caught between not being maintained fully by either the developer or the Council, residents are now starting to lift the man hole covers in order to clear the blockages themselves.

“It’s a dangerous thing to be doing. Those manholes are a metre deep,” he explained.