Kildare town Lotto winner cashes in her chips

Kildare town Lotto winner, Giustina Macari has branded ticket seller Aisling Boland her lucky charm.

Kildare town Lotto winner, Giustina Macari has branded ticket seller Aisling Boland her lucky charm.

Aisling, who works part time at L Malone’s newsagent on Claregate Street in Kildare town, previously sold Giustina two winning lotto tickets before she hit the mega bucks last weekend.

“I am still in shock to be honest. I just can’t even believe it. I woke up this morning and I just thought, my god, I’ve won €5.7m,” 32-year-old Giustina told the Leinster Leader yesterday, Monday April 2.

“The same girl sold me a lotto ticket three or four months ago and I won €200. Then I played Euromillions and I won n17 so I used the tenner to play the lotto and that was the lucky ticket. I used to joke with her when she came in for chips, ‘when are you working, you are my lucky charm,’” she laughed.

The Kildare town native checked her ticket last Sunday April 1 for the previous night’s draw.

“I thought it was a big prank. I checked the numbers and I had all six on the bottom line. I didn’t even need the bonus number. When the girl put it through the machine and it said contact Lotto headquarters. I said ‘why, what happened? There must be something wrong.’ I still didn’t believe it.”

Giustina, who works in the family chip shop, Macaris, across the road from Malone’s, picks her numbers at random. Her mum Gina, dad Alex; brother Diego, sister Maria and her boyfriend Cristiano are thrilled with her win. When asked what she plans to do with her windfall, she replied; “I just don’t know yet. I always thought if I won the lotto I would do this, and this, and this ,but now that it has happened, I just don’t know yet”

One thing is for sure, the young Kildare woman is planning to take a few days off to let the news sink in.

Giustina is also a qualified horse riding instructor and plans to further her qualifications as well as continuing to compete competitively.

Owner of Malone’s, Louis Hennessy, was ecstatic. “There has been a lot of doom and gloom lately. We’ve had seven or eight funerals in the town and its great to have some good news,” he said.