Call to fix Leixlip playground surface

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KILDARE County Council is to be asked to fix the surface of the public playground at Leixlip.

KILDARE County Council is to be asked to fix the surface of the public playground at Leixlip.

Cllr. Ide Cussen said residents have raised concerns with her over the surface of the playground. “The current safety layer has become worn and in many places, is beginning to pose a safety risk as a trip hazard.”

The playground lies within the boundary of the community owned Leixlip Amenities Centre.

Centre manager, Paul Condron, said it “continues to get huge usage on a weekly basis centre.”

Mr. Condron said to the best of his knowledge its the only playground that has never been vandalized.

The reasons for this, and one of the reasons Council officials originally recommended that it be located at the Centre, is that it is supervised by Amenities Centre staff. Other Council playgrounds have suffered vandalism.

Mr. Condron added, however, that if an item is broken it can take nearly six to eight weeks weeks to fix.

He has suggest that the surface be replaced with rubber as currently it is just grass with a black rubber mat underneath.

This week, the Council told Cllr. Cussen that any trip hazards within the playground will be assessed and repaired but thre is no budget for install a rubber surface. “It has been practice in the recent years not to use an artificial surface as these are the most expensive surface to install, have a limited life span, are more vulnerable to vandalism and are costly to maintain and repair. Therefore it is not proposed to resurface the playground with an artificial surface. The use of an artificial surface is not any guarantee with regard to mud transferring to the equipment. The issue of dirty equipment will be highlighted to our maintenance contractor. Director of Services, Peter Minnock, said there was an issues as to whether the play area would remain at that location as it could be moved within the complex.

Cllr. Cussen, praising Amenities staff, asked the playground be a priority.