By-pass plan set to hold up Sallins Road project

Early morning traffic, Sallins. Photo: Tony Gavin
Plans to enhance the Sallins Road in Naas for pedestrians and cyclists have been put on ice.

Plans to enhance the Sallins Road in Naas for pedestrians and cyclists have been put on ice.

A preliminary design had already been drawn up for the 3.5km stretch of road from Poplar Square, Naas, to Sallins village.

A cycle lane was planned in various forms along the entire section of the road - shared carriageway, on road cycle track, off road cycle track and a shared cycle and pedestrian surface.

Pedestrian crossings are planned and a small amount of road would have been bought up to facilitate the work, including at the entrance to Naas GAA club and between Maple Park and Millennium Park. But now it’s emerged that the priority is to proceed with the by-pass of Sallins, to take many of 20,000 vehicles passing through on daily basis out of the village. The planned Osberstown interchange on the motorway will also go ahead.

Kildare County Council engineer David Reel told a council (Naas Municipal District) meeting that this approach will benefit people living in north Naas and Sallins. The reason behind the decision is that the construction of the new road and interchange will mean reduced traffic volumes along the Sallins road - and therefore the need for enhanced cyclist and pedestrian facilities may not be as pronounced. The Sallins by-pass and Osberstown interchange will proceed as a combined project. The interchange will be built between the existing Naas north and Naas south interchanges, providing access in either direction to the motorway from Millennium Park. It will also provide a link with the motorway for residents of Sallins. The by-pass will be constructed on the Millicent side of the village, starting with a roundabout between the village and and the turn for Millicent. It will be routed behind the Lidl store.