Box tallies reveal where the two sides in the Treaty Referendum won and lost

KILDARE voted Yes for the Fiscal Treaty but at the Punchestown count centre last Friday, there was as much talk about the differences as about the overall vote.

KILDARE voted Yes for the Fiscal Treaty but at the Punchestown count centre last Friday, there was as much talk about the differences as about the overall vote.

The margin of victory for the Yes option was greater in Kildare North than the South. The tally people who followed the voting box by box say that in Kildare South there were a number of boxes where Nos outnumbered Yeses.

Naas political observer, D.J. Moore, who has been statistically examining voting patterns at elections in Kildare for many years, estimated that 20 of the 160 boxes tallied recorded a No majority.

Overall, in Kildare South, where the turnout was 49.6%, of the 28,669 people who cast a vote, 16,678 (58.3%) opted for Yes and 11,902 (41.6%) opted for No.

In Kildare North, said to be tribe lands inhabited by more prosperous folk, 38,688 came out to vote and 25,169 (65.3%) voted Yes while 13,384 (34.7%) were nay sayers.

Tally folk, normally jammed into the count centre during general and local elections, were slim on the ground.

One, former FG councillor, Fionnula Dukes, said there were not enough.

At around 10.30 m, she had noted a number of large No votes in the Deep South of county Kildare.

These appeared to be in the so-called working class areas. But in the west side of the South, particularly in rural farming areas, a number of boxed signaled a 3-1 Yes to No ratio, according to John Farrelly, FG director of elections.

On the eastern rural side, some boxes were closer to 50/50, he said.

Some areas were divided. Box No. 51 in Suncroft recorded a 120-57 Yes victory but in another Suncroft box , the citizens voted No by 112 to 78.

In Box No. 25 in Kilberry National School, the No side had a 84-48 win whereas in Box No 25, at Bigstone National School, the Yeses had a 2.5 to 1 majority, voting 130-52.

Deputy Tony Lawlor attributed the No win at Box 52 from Clongorey Community Centre to dissatisfaction among turf cutters, which, he argued, had nothing to do with the Fiscal Treaty.

There was defeat for the Yes side in parts of peaty Allenwood. At Box 66, the Nos won 50-48 while in Box 67, they had a 118-98 win.

In Box No 60 in Kildare Boys National School, the citizens voted No by 121 to 70.

At Box No. 99 in Ballymany, Newbridge, the Yes side fell 111-62.

Observers say the results suggested that areas such as Lakeside Park in Newbridge were No folk, for the most part, but overall in Kildare South only 12.5% of the boxes opted for No.

For Government and even Fianna Fail a question thrown up by the referendum was the extent of future Sinn Fein influence.

Kildare North FG TD, Tony Lawler, said his was the only party to go knocking on the doors. “We would often only get to ten doors because everyone wanted to talk.”

He said the tallies in Kildare North areas of Leixlip, Clane, Sallins and Kill found no boxes where the No side won out.

Fine Gael Cllr. Senan Griffin said the Yes result was “a result for common sense” and “good housekeeping.”

The No side had failed to tell people where they would get the money, he said.

But, he added, there are still tough decisions to be made.

Cllr. Seamus Langan agreed. “It (the result of the Fiscal Treaty Referendum) sends out a message to Europe that we can handle our own affairs.”