Litter results show improvement

The three Kildare towns surveyed by IBAL - Irish Business Against Litter- have showed an improvement, a survey released on Monday last, August 29, shows.

The three Kildare towns surveyed by IBAL - Irish Business Against Litter- have showed an improvement, a survey released on Monday last, August 29, shows.

Naas has joined Kildare town with a ‘litter free’ status, but Maynooth is ‘moderately littered’.

Kildare maintained its litter-free status from last year, and is in 32nd position of 53 towns surveyed nationwide.

Naas has improved from ‘moderately littered’ last year to ‘litter free’ and is in 19th position this year. New entrant Maynooth was ‘moderately littered’ in joint 38th place. IBAL has warned that the rise in vacant and derelict properties is contributing to increased litter and unsightliness in certain areas.

Naas Town Councillor Seamie Moore has praised Naas Tidy Town’s litter task force for their ‘wonderful job’.

“Over the past six months the litter task force have done a wonderful job in Naas, especially at Mill Lane,” he said. “When it started there was only three or four volunteers and now it is up to the mid 20s. The message is definitely going out to ‘keep Naas tidy’.

An Taisce, who carried out the survey, said it was the “best ever score for Naas with seven out of the ten sites surveyed getting the top litter grade and there were no seriously littered sites”.

“Three of the four approach roads were top ranking - Ballymore Eustace was the only one which wasn’t - as were Poplar Square, North Main Street and Abrakebabra. Harbour View is certainly being ‘managed’ with the installation of boarding at the wasteland but clearly it requires close attention.”

Meanwhile Cllr Suzanne Doyle said the IBAL survey was a ‘phenomonal result’ for Kildare Town.

“It is a partnership approach between Kildare County Council and all the volunteers and the different committees,” she said. “I hope it keeps up.”

An Taisce said that the top ranking sites in Kildare Town were Curragh Finn (residential), Del La Salle school, Rathbride Abbey (residential) and Kildare Railway Station – these sites were not just clear of litter but very well presented and maintained.

“The remaining six sites were moderately littered, including the four approach roads. Lidl in Kildare was typical of other Lidl outlets throughout the country – the car park proper was generally clean but was let down by litter in the surrounding shrubbery.”

Meanwhile, the results for Maynooth resulted in the town being described as ‘moderately littered’ with only three out of the ten sites surveyed at the top litter grade. The top ranking sites were Pound Lane (residential), Maynooth College – West Wing and Approach from West. St. Mary’s School was moderately littered but with a quick clean-up this could easily be a top ranking site.

The surveyor noted no sign of litter outside fast-food outlets.”

Paul Croghan of Maynooth Tidy Town Association said they were disappointed with the result, which is aimed at the local authority. “Thirty nine out of 53 is not a good place to be. We should be at European norms and we will be taking the issue up with Kildare County Council,” he said.

Mr. Croghan said it was MTTA’s belief that littering was down on last year.