County Council severance payments announced

KILDARE County Council is likely to pay just over €300,000 in payments to retired elected councillors.

KILDARE County Council is likely to pay just over €300,000 in payments to retired elected councillors.

Those who retired before the last election or former councillors are included, both Kildare County Council or the Athy, Leixlip, Naas and Newbridge town councils.

Council spokesperson, Annette Aspell, confirmed that week that it has already paid €292,122.32 to fourteen councillors, who between them have given a total of 203 years service or, on average, years each.

It still had to pay an estimated €35,461 to five councillors who had served for just over 56 years between them. Assuming the latter will be paid a total of €327,584 will be paid to 19 councillors who have each served almost 14 years.

The average payment is €17,241 but there are differences depending on length of service and type of body.

These gross payments are subject to tax under the Tax Consolidation Act 1997 and to the universal social charge.

The Department of the Environment has estimated estimated that State wise the gross payment will be €20.7 million of which €16.1 million would be the usual turnover following a local election while a further €4.6 million relates to the abolition of town councils.

The Irish Times recently reported that ten local authorities will make pay, in total, almost €3.7 million to former members of city, county, borough and town councils who retired or lost their seats in the local elections or as a result of the abolition of town councils.

This figure excludes payments due to former councillors who have not yet reached the age of 50 who will receive payments on reaching that age.

The new amalgamated Limerick Council will pay €565,000 in gross payments. Wexford County Council is paying nearly €520,000 in gross payments. Longford County Council will make €440,000 in payments to 11 former county councillors.

Galway County Council will pay almost €420,000 to 26 former county and town councillors, with an average of €33,500 going to each of eight former county councillors.

Another 18 members of three former town councils in the county will received an average of €8,300 each. Ballinasloe, Tuam and Loughrea town councils will share in over €150,000 in payments.

Meath County Council will pay almost €400,000 in gratuities to 18 former county and town council members, excluding payments due to 10 who will be paid a total €130,000 when they reach fifty years of age.

Councillors receive payments for each year they serve but these payments are different to the above, which are a sorty of severance or redundancy type payments.