Meet Ballymore’s first geep or maybe a shoat

Is this is a sheep or a goat ?

Is this is a sheep or a goat ?

That’s what’s perplexing Ballymore farmer Paddy Murphy.

According to the Irish Farmer’s Journal this healthy offspring of a goat-sheep is not unknown but nevertheless it’s a rare enough breed.

Paddy said he was aware that a goat had got among some ewes on his farm well prior to the start of the lambing season, which got underway in recent weeks.

“A number of lambs were born and they all looked normal but this fella looks like a sheep as well as a goat. He has horns and moves around the place quicker than a lamb,” said Paddy, who also runs a pub in the village.

Hybrid animals can sometimes be born dead or if they survive they often have physical disabilities; but this geep or shoat is thriving.

- Paul O’Meara