€150,000 spent to date on Newbridge’s Dara Park drainage works

Mayor Fiona O'Loughlin unveiling a plaque at Dara Park's 40th anniversary.
Kildare County Council has to date spent €150,000 in Dara Park on essential sewage and flooding works.

Kildare County Council has to date spent €150,000 in Dara Park on essential sewage and flooding works.

And that could be just the tip of the iceberg. The council is awaiting further costings to “asertain the extent of deficiencies in pipework” around the 40-year-old estate that has been plagued by floods.

“The total expenditure by the Road Maintenance Area Office in Dara Park is in excess of €150,000, when taking into account some of the drainage issues addressed to date,” said Council spokesperon 
Annette Aspell.

“€90,000 has been spent on Willow Grove drainage sewerage works and this job is complete. Approximately €15,000 has been spent to date on surface water surveys, conceptual design and a preliminary report. At this time the preliminary rate is still being examined to ascertain the extent of deficiencies in pipework and details will be compiled in due course.”

While no budget has yet been ringfenced for the works, the Council anticipate that the works will proceed next year.

“No budget has been ringfenced to date for the completion of these works, but this will be considered further when full costings are available,” she added. “It is anticipated, however, that these works will proceed.” A number of surfrace works on footpaths around the estate are almost complete and the long-suffering residents have expressed their satisfaction. Residents have been battling with the council for years for these works and in September 2012 they delivered a notice of liablity with 162 resident signatures, to Kildare County Council.

The notice stated that from then on the council would be “wholly responsible” for any sickness that occurs from contact with any sewage or sewage related problems and any injuries caused by subsiding paths.”