Sallins playground site identified

Jemma and Anna Reumkins, Eoin Moran, Dara Carpenter and Isabella Angelosante demand a playground.
A site has become available for a playground in Sallins - but it may be some time before the facility opens.

A site has become available for a playground in Sallins - but it may be some time before the facility opens.

Land situated behind the community centre in the village, between the building and railway line, has been offered as a playground site in return for the provision of new car parking spaces, to be used by the community.

These new spaces would alleviate the pressure experienced by local people in that part of the village caused by traffic and parking congestion.

Over one hundred adults and children from Sallins staged an “occupation” of the playground in Monread Park recently in an attempt to highlight the lack of a playground in Sallins recently.

Sallins Community Council (SCC) have been campaigning for a children’s playground for the past ten years and despite numerous meetings with Kildare County Council, Sallins is still without a playground.

“Sallins is one of the most neglected towns in County Kildare,” said Tony Gavin of the SCC.

The residents are angry and say that they have paid levies on their houses are paying high levels of tax yet have none of the basic amenities present in many of Kildare’s towns and villages,” added Mr Gavin of the SCC.
Previously councillor Paddy McNamara said a site on the Clane Road is the best possible location.

The overgrown site is owned by Kildare County Council (KCC).

KCC does not favour this site for a playground, pointing out that it is zoned for residential purposes and there is inadequate room for parking.

Last week, Cllr. McNamara said he favours the new proposal close to the community centre but added that better access will be needed to the site.

“This is better than the existing situation; we have nothing at the moment.

“It’s unlikely that the council will allow the Castlefen site to be developed because they want it to be used for housing purposes.

“A the moment the community centre site is the only show in town,” Cllr. McNamara told the Leader at a county council meeting last week.

He said the councillors could force the council to rezone the Castlefen site to be used for recreational purposes instead of residential development.

However, even if this rezoning happened, money would still have to be found to build the playground.