Lucky Lotto fever strikes Kildare town again

Kildare town’s lucky lotto newsagent has done it again.

Kildare town’s lucky lotto newsagent has done it again.

Malone’s newsagents on Claregate Street sold a Lotto Plus winning ticket for €250,000 for last Saturday night’s draw.

Three months ago, the newsagent sold a €5.7 million winning Lotto jackpot ticket local woman Giustina Macari.

The winners of last Saturday’s windfall haven’t come forward publicly yet, and shop owner Louis Hennessy says there is great excitement and speculation around the place as to the identity of the winner.

“It’s been a lucky week for us,” added Mr Hennessy. “On Monday of last week we sold a €2,000 winning scratch card and on Wednesday we had a €500 winning scratch card. We are a lucky shop, and Kildare would be the luckiest town in the county for Lotto winners. People are all saying ‘who will be next?’”

The independent newsagent speculated that the publicity surrounding Giustina Macari’s whopper win may put the latest lucky victor off making their good fortune public. The winning ticket was sold in a €6 Quick Pick last Thursday.

Last weekend’s win is the third big cash prize sold on the same street in recent weeks.

The Eurospar Shop on Claregate Street also sold a €350,000 Lotto Plus 1 winner at the end of May, to a couple who wished to keep their win private.