Thieves target cars at Donadea

There has been a call for CCTV to be installed at the car park in Donadea Woods.

There has been a call for CCTV to be installed at the car park in Donadea Woods.

Break-ins to cars has been a blight on the well-known beauty spot for some time now and a photographer who was working at an event there some weeks ago has called for extra security after his car was broken into. The man was one of a number of members of the media who had paid to enter the car park in order to photograph presidential hopeful Mary Davis attending a memorial for the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Following the memorial the man, who is a well known local photograph returned to his car and found that the central locking wasn’t working. However, using his key he was able to open the car manually.

Over the next few days he found that various things on his car, a Ford Focus, weren’t working, including one of the speakers and the petrol cap.

“I brought it into the garage,” he told the Leinster Leader, “and I hadn’t even finished explaining the problem to the mechanic when he stopped me, opened the passenger side door and showed me the damage that had been done.

“They’ve seen about 50 incidents of this, he told me.”

The photographer learned that some years ago there was a fault on some Ford models whereby if the wires in the door hinge was cut, it would disable the locks.

“So now, they just cut them on all Fords, just to see if it will work. But Ford have already fixed that problem,” he said.

On the day, another photographer’s car was broken into and money taken from her handbag. “I actually paid to go in to Donadea. You’d think your car would be secure there.”

“If there are cars being broken into for so long, why isn’t there CCTV in the area?” the man, who preferred not to be indentified, asked.

It’s going to cost me E300 to get this fixed, so this job is going to end up costing me money. It’s ridiculous that it costs me more to do my work than I get paid for it.

A Garda source told the Leader that they had been working on the problem for some time and were following a “very definite line of enquiry”. The source added that arrests were expected shortly.

“There’s very good CCTV at the entrance to the park, but unfortuneatly, not in the car park,” the Garda explained.