Ardscoil Rath Iomghain - Impressing modern-age teenagers

Students from Ardscoil Rath Iomghain prepare to attend "Sive".
On Tuesday March 25, our 6th year English students attended the play ‘Sive’, writes Rachel Kelly.

On Tuesday March 25, our 6th year English students attended the play ‘Sive’, writes Rachel Kelly.

The production was held in the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. Classes,including teachers, took a bus from the school after lessons that day. The decision to see the play was easily made, as we are currently studying the play for our comparative study in the Leaving Certificate.

We arrived at the theatre and were given our tickets for some of the best seats in the house! The stage looked incredible. It was as if we were actually sitting in the kitchen of a house on the bog in 1950’s Ireland. From the hard-laboured wooden table to the open fire burning it was perfectly authentic. Every character that graced the stage was instantly recognisable. The costume department added yet more authenticity to the production. The pure Irishness of the entire event was mesmerising. The Irish play was presented to us through thick, old Irish accents with age old Irish sayings dotted throughout. The many tourists in the audience enjoyed the play immensely.

The harrowing conclusion of the play was utterly captivating. The audience was fully in the moment, just as they were throughout the whole production. The play ended with a rapturous applause.

As we left the theatre and made our way back to our bus, the entire class group spoke about their enjoyment of the play. People who had never even gone to the theatre before were admitting their surprise at how much they enjoyed it. This was a social and educational evening for both students and teachers alike.

Special thanks to Ms. Kelly for organising our trip and to our other teachers for giving up their free time to accompany us. Would you believe some of us intend to go again it was so good!