Element Power rejects criticism

Tim Cowhig, Element Power CEO.
Element Power has denied claims that wind turbines may have negative effects on livestock.

Element Power has denied claims that wind turbines may have negative effects on livestock.

It pointed out that Professor Alun Evans from Queen’s University told last week’s ITBA meeing there was a lack of studies on the effects on horses.

“That’s the very point, there is no credible research to this effect so he is actually admitting that he is making spurious claims based on nothing. He is creating unnecessary fear and unfounded anxiety. More than 225,000 wind turbines are operating successfully the world over, a sizeable percentage of those are on agricultural land where livestock, including horses, are farmed. In the absence of any evidence, that is the most accurate indicator that wind turbines can co-exist harmoniously with agriculture and have no negative effects on animals or humans,” said a company spokesperson.

The company confirmed it has signed option agreements to build turbines with more than 100 landowners in Kildare. It also stated there was no clause in the contract excluding the grazing of horses. It said farmers will not be liable for VAT on the lease option contracts. “We are at least six months away from submitting a planning application. Until studies have concluded on potentially suitable sites to determine whether or not they meet the criteria for a wind turbine, Element Power does not have a list of final sites. Once that list is available, the company will make it available immediately and present it as part of its statutory consultation process with the public,” said the company.

It said it was always willing to meet anyone genuinely interested in learning about the project.

Tim Cowhig, CEO of Element Power Ireland said; “The most recent comprehensive piece of research on wind turbines, commissioned by the US Government and published only last month (August) states that ‘Across all model specifications, we find no statistical evidence that home prices near wind turbines were affected in either the post-construction or post-announcement/pre-construction periods.” Element Power’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Harte said; “Wind farms don’t produce sound and infrasound at anywhere sufficient level to cause sleeplessness to the average person.”