New Kildare politcal group to launch in Celbridge

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A new political group, Community Solidarity, is being launched in Celbridge.

A new political group, Community Solidarity, is being launched in Celbridge.

A meeting will take place at 8pm on Wednesday night, September 18, in the Kildrought Lounge.

The group says it will campaign for a change in political direction – in which people are invited to get involved.

A second meeting will take place in Leixlip in the coming weeks.

“With no sign of improvements in the economy, ordinary people cannot continue to bear the brunt of the crisis”, says spokesperson Brendan Young. “We’ve had five years of austerity, including the home tax, wage cuts and public service cuts. Billions have been given to the banks, which are now chasing people for over-priced mortgages they can’t afford and threatening eviction. At the same time, the shortage of affordable, decent housing is becoming a crisis. When there is so much needed to be done, hundreds of thousands are wastefully kept on the dole or forced into emigration - especially young people”.

Mr. Young said that no decision had been made about putting up a candidate/s at the next local election but that would be discussed at the meeting.

He said the new group will challenge the austerity parties. “We’ve been betrayed by Labour: they’re just running behind Fine Gael – who prioritise the rich. Fianna Fáil got us into this crisis and there’s no real difference between them and Fine Gael”.

The group, whose members have been involved in the household tax and water campaigns, said it intends to actively campaign for alternatives to the failed politics of the austerity parties. “The people in the Community Solidarity group campaigned against the home tax and will fight the water tax. We stand for social equality and an end to austerity. We will campaign against the cuts in social, education and health services – like the North Kildare ambulance cuts – which affect working people the most; and demand an alternative to the government’s austerity budgets. We intend to challenge Labour, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil for imposing the burden of the crisis onto ordinary people. We will be linking up with others of like mind in Kildare and around the country.”