Getting hitched in the Naas Town Hall?

DO you want to get married in Naas Town Hall ?

DO you want to get married in Naas Town Hall ?

The historic, impressive and recently renovated building could become a venue for non-church weddings – but not before the Health Service Executive agrees to pay a small fee to Naas Town Council.

Naas councillor Pat Clear said the council chamber should be used for civil ceremonies. She said it should not cost the council anything and she described the HSE offices at Monread, Naas, which are currently used for civil ceremonies, as “not the nicest”.

However Ken Kavanagh disagreed that there would be cost to the council and he said civil ceremonies would happen without the approval of the HSE.

“There has been no demand for such ceremonies to take place in the town hall in recent years (but) if the councillors want this we can set out guidelines and conditions,” Mr. Kavanagh told a recent Naas Town Council meeting.

Mayor Willie Callaghan said civil ceremonies took place in the past and the reason the practice stopped was that the HSE “would not cough up” and pay the E30 charge.

He also said it would be up to individual couples to get approval from the HSE for this to happen.

“We can agree a fee then, “ added Mr. Kavanagh.

Almost 500 marraiges have taken place at the HSE’s civil registration service in Naas.

In 2011, a total of 215 civil marriages and in 2010 a total of 266 civil marriages were solemnised at the office in Monread.