Protest against household charge in Naas

A second demonstration against the household charge took place in Naas at the weekend.

A second demonstration against the household charge took place in Naas at the weekend.

About 80 people participated in a march from the parish church at Sallins Road through the main street to Aras Chill Dara, the Kildare County Council offices on Sunday afternoon.

It was organised by the Kildare Campaign Against Household Tax.

Campaign committee member Declan Crowe said the organisers were reasonably happy with the turnout given that it took place on a bank holiday weekend.

It is the latest in a series of demonstrations which have seen more support in Newbridge and Kildare town than Naas.

A recent march in Newbridge attracted 400 participants.

“There is more support in towns other than Naas and I don’t know why that it is,” Mr. Crowe told the Leader.

He also said he Government were taking a “softly softly” approach to the charge issue in the hope that it will secure a “yes” vote in the Fiscal Compact referendum.

“It seems to us that the Minster for the Environment Phil Hogan has been reined in because we’ve heard very little from him for the past two weeks,” Mr. Crowe added.

The Kildare Campaign Against the Household Tax has congratulated local people for their “magnificent response” to the household tax campaign. The latest official figures show that more than half the eligible households in Kildare have agreed with the campaign and refused to register or pay.

Following the protest spokesperson for the Campaign, Elaine Daly, said that the campaign showed the power of ordinary citizens in opposing an unjust and unfair tax.

“Despite the bullying and hectoring tone from government ministers and the total lack of support from local TDs, Kildare people have stood up to be counted,” she said.

“The campaign has now moved into a new stage. It is my understanding that local authorities are preparing letters to be sent out to those that have not paid or registered and the campaign will be available to help and advise people on this,” she continued.

To answer any queries and assist people to respond to any further bullying from government, a local hotline has been set up to answer queries (086-2656897).