Pressure mounting for Sallins playground

PRESSURE is mounting for a playground in Sallins.

PRESSURE is mounting for a playground in Sallins.

A piece of Kildare County Council owned land on the Clane Road, between a carpet retail store and Castlefen, should be used to provide the facility.

That’s according to local councillor Paddy McNamara who criticised the council for suggesting that the land could not be used for this purpose and must instead be used to provide a house.

Cllr. McNamara said his understanding of the planning and development legislation is that it is possible to transfer the land for this use from its original purpose.

“I feel I’ve been misled on this issue and I was told it was not suitable. It’s there and there is no other site for a playground and we can make the land available.

“There is no impediment to this. A playground is needed and this is as good a site as any,” Cllr. McNamara told a council area meeting last week.

He charged: “The people in Sallins are disappointed there is no playground and there isn’t one in Kill either.”

It was claimed at the meeting that the site is full of rubbish and local residents had written to the Environmental Protection Agency about this.

He also said that there is need for the council to provide the playground because this would not now be provided under the terms of a land swap deal in the village because this would not now go ahead.

He said he is convinced the council could make the land available. However a council official intimated that funding may not be available for the facility.

Cllr. McNamara had the support of other councillors and the site was described as a “dirty kip.”

Cllr. Seamie Moore commented that if the site was owned by somebody else the council would ask the owner to clean it up.

“It is a derelict site and it reflects badly on Sallins as you go into the village and leave it,” he added.

Committee chairman Cllr. Fintan Brett said there is an obvious need for a play area in Sallins.