Busting the bulge

Sinead Gallagher, proprietor, of Renew Aesthetics, Basin Street, Naas, demonstrates the Endermologie Treatment available at the clinic.                                 Photo Tony Keane.
Show me a woman who’s not worried about her ‘wobbly bits’.

Show me a woman who’s not worried about her ‘wobbly bits’.

Even celebrities must hate the sight of their cellulite-ridden bums and tums highlighted on the gossip pages, often with an arrow pointing at the offending area.

It’s an annoying fact of life that even skinny women are genetically disposed to the dreaded ‘dimpling’ of subcutaneous fat on their bums, tums and thighs, while tubbier menfolk get away scot-free. And they’re not the ones who want to wear a bikini or short skirt with confidence!

So when Sinead Gallagher of Renew Aesthetic Clinic in Naas challenged me to take on a cellulite-busting, inch-loss challenge, I couldn’t refuse.

Local mum and registered nurse Sinead has recently opened a branch of her successful Dublin practice, Renew Aesthetic Clinic, on Basin Street in Naas. Demand for the company’s range of treatments, ranging from microdermabrasion to endermologie to fillers and laser treatments, is taking off among Kildare ladies, she says. The Dublin salon is already an insider destination for those in the know seeking fast-working aesthetic treatments – not that a word on their clients would pass the discreet lips of Sinead or her business partner, Jeanette Dunne.

Sinead signed me up for eight sessions of endermologie, a treatment which promises visible inch loss and skin tone improvement in a short space of time. It’s also good for shifting those last few pounds that no amount of exercise or diet can seem to fix, she said.

Endermologie works by using a high-tech machine to provoke your skin cells into activating collagen and elastin production. A device hand-held by the therapist massages and rolls the flab on your problem areas to break down the fat and improve circulation and skin tone. It promotes lypolysis, which is the breakdown of fat cells.

But before all that, I’d have to get into what I’d come to know over the following month as ‘the lovely tights suit’.

Endermologie clients strip down to their underwear before donning a fetching, all-over white body suit made from the same stretchy material as a decent pair of opaque tights. It’s hilarious looking, but the science behind it is sound, as it helps the rollers move over your skin better.

The treatment doesn’t hurt, per se – it’s rather like having a really vigorous sports massage done, and after a couple of sessions you get used to the sensation and the slight soreness the next day. In fact, I started to look forward to the treatment on my lower back and legs. As I’m training for the upcoming Run Kildare, it had the unexpected effect of loosening out my knotty muscles as well.

Indeed, Sinead pointed out, endermologie machines have uses besides busting cellulite. The French rugby team apparently used them during the last World Cup to aid their players’ recovery from tough games, as the treatment also aids lymphatic drainage. I doubt those man mountains would have to worry about cottage cheese thighs, but if the treatment’s good enough for them, all the more reason to give it a whirl.

I have to admit I was a little sceptical about the effects of the treatment at the start, but after just a week’s worth of sessions, the jeans started to feel a little loser. A bonus, too, was that I was moving a little better in training and seemed to have more ‘life’ in my legs while running.

Overall, I lost a pretty impressive eight inches overall during the course of treatment – four and a half of those from my waist – and gained a more streamlined silhouette. And while I’ve still got a bit of cellulite – I wasn’t expecting miracles of Lourdes-like proportions! - my skintone is much firmer overall.

A month after the sessions finished, I’m still getting nice comments about looking trimmer.

Obviously if you sign up for endermologie, you have to put in some effort yourself, by doing some exercise and watching your diet. The machine won’t do all the work as you sit back and eat cream cakes! But it’s a great kick-start for whatever your intentions are – to look better in a bikini, to fit into your jeans or – as I found out – to improve your general fitness and wellbeing too.

For best results, 8-12 sessions is advised at two sessions per week. A course of 8 sessions is E360 and 12 sessions is E540. Contact Renew Aesthetic Clinic, 7 Basin Street, Naas, at 045 901111 or www.renewclinic.ie.

- Laura Coates