Kildare local election candidate surprises Celbridge commuters with Valentine’s roses

Laura Coates


Laura Coates

Labour local election candidate surprises commuters at Hazelhatch Station with Valentine's roses. Photo: Ciara Galvin
Valentine’s Day was an early morning ‘Labour’ of love for one Kildare local election candidate.

Valentine’s Day was an early morning ‘Labour’ of love for one Kildare local election candidate.

Ardclough man Shane Griffin, a first time candidate for the Labour party, was out early Friday morning handing out red roses to potential voters on the streets of Celbridge.

The romantic party representative was armed with 50 roses from Ab Fab Flowers on the Main Street - which set him back the princely sum of €75.

“As you can imagine, people are pretty glassy-eyed at that hour, they’re in their own little world, so they got a quick surprise and I think some of them were delighted with the flowers,” he said. “I generally think people hope they get something on Valentine’s Day, so they were really happy with the roses.”

Mr Griffin, who will stand in the Celbridge-Leixlip district in May, said he kept most of his election pamphlets in his pocket this morning. “I wasn’t really out there canvassing as such, people don’t want to think about politics at that hour of the morning. It was just a way for people to get to know me, it was a fun idea and a bit of craic.”

The 27-year-old budding politician, joined by his cousins Will and Molly O’Sullivan from Naas, distributed the flowers n Main Street before visiting commuters waiting for a train at Hazelhatch Station.

His last rose, however, nearly got him into an unfortunate political pickle. “I was walking back to the car with my last rose and I spotted two women walking towards me at the same time. I was saying to myself, what do I do here? So I gave it to one of the women and she gave it to the other one, and we had a bit of a laugh about it,” he said.

Mr Griffin’s girlfriend Amy backed the Labour man’s Valentine’s campaign. “Her first reaction was ‘I’d better get some of those roses as well’, but she thought it was a fun idea,” he told the Leinster Leader. “I’ll see her later so I’ll have to make sure she gets as much attention as the people in Celbridge this morning.”