Newbridge OAP robbed in broad daylight

AN elderly local woman is recovering after being mugged on a Newbridge street less than a week ago.

AN elderly local woman is recovering after being mugged on a Newbridge street less than a week ago.

74-year-old Agnes Byrne, who lives with her 90-year-old husband Tom and their daughter Martina, who has special needs, at Dara Park in the town, was pushed up against a wall in broad daylight and robbed of her purse by two youths.

“I had been at the Day Care Centre in Ryan’s Field on Thursday (October 4) and I went to a couple of shops before I began to walk home. Two lads approached me out of nowhere and the next thing I knew I was being pulled at and I heard them say f....... b......, I’ll f....... kill you,” Agnes recounted.

The pair, wearing grey and black clothing were aged perhaps 15 and 11-12 years. They fled the scene, at Limerick Lane, with the woman’s purse containing about E140 in cash. The incident occurred between 2.30 and 2.40pm.

“My legs started to shake and I was crying and shaking when I got home. I went to the doctor and later to the chemist with a prescription,” she added.

Since the terrifying attack, the couple’s two other children Geraldine and Imelda have also been helping their mother to get back to some kind of normality.

Agnes, a native of Brewel, Kilcullen, made her own way home after the incident .

“I’m not over it yet; I have been crying and the least thing upsets me and I’m a bit irritable with people since it happened. I am afraid of going out but I’ve been offered counselling and I hope to visit my daughter Imelda in Ruanbeg in Kildare town.”

Agnes has lived in Dara Park for over 30 years and is a quiet woman who isn’t much of a socialiser.

“I don’t even drink and I spend my time looking after my husband and myself; I’ve heart problems and arthritis and I’ve enough to worry about. I’m still very shook up.”

Only two months ago, her 84 year old sister Teresa Murtagh of Pairc Bhride, Athy, passed away.

Newbridge gardai are investigating and would like to hear from anybody who may have information about the incident (phone 045 431212).

- Paul O’Meara