Curragh transformed into ‘Planet Jedward’

The Curragh Racecourse succumbed to ‘Jedmania’ on Saturday afternoon as the Grimes twins rocked the Kildare venue.

The Curragh Racecourse succumbed to ‘Jedmania’ on Saturday afternoon as the Grimes twins rocked the Kildare venue.

Once the duo with the gravity defying hair took to the stage, the young audience was ecstatic as their heroes put in a high energy performance.

After a rousing rendition of their Eurovision entry, Lipstick, the young performers even engaged in some horseplay as they mimicked the actions of jockeys in honour of the famous Kildare venue.

They belted out their most famous hits, including Ice Ice Baby and Ghostbusters - one of their more famous numbers from their appearances from X Factor. Also thrown into the mix was Robbie Williams’ Rock DJ as John and Edward kept the hits rolling.

One of them - it was either John or Edward - even climbed the rigging, mid song, to even higher screams from the enraptured audience.

One seven year old declared “those guys are crazy” in typical Jedward speak. The Grimes twins treated the audience to a lot of banter and many of their catch phrases such as everything being “crazy” and “OMG” etc were all uttered in a tour de force performance from two young men who originally lived in nearby Rathangan.

They also managed to mention their new TV show, plug their latest album, Victory, several times, as the canny young men promoted the Jedward brand.

If James Brown famously declared he was the hardest working man in show business, then the brothers can certainly lay claim to being the hardest working twins in entertainment, as once the show was over, they caught a helicopter to Killarney for a performance in the INEC.

However, despite their hectic schedule, Jedward certainly treated their young audience to a memorable performance and they also sang a number of new songs, with Bad Behaviour - their next single, going down particularly well with the young audience.

And the army of Jedward enthusiasts are certainly young. They say an army marches on its stomach and on Saturday fizzy drinks, crisps and candy floss were the order of the day. The only other bottles being swigged on the day were baby ones, especially as under twos were allowed in free of charge.

It’s unlikely that the Curragh as ever seen such a fleet of people carriers and such a march of buggies!

The day certainly lived up to its billing as a family fun day. To critique the performance of Jedward is almost a pointless exercise. The young audience loved it and lapped up the all dancing, cart-wheeling routine of their two young heroes.