Toys taken from baby twins’ Naas grave

HEARTLESS thieves stole toys from the graves of identical twins at St. Corban’s Cemetery, Naas.

HEARTLESS thieves stole toys from the graves of identical twins at St. Corban’s Cemetery, Naas.

Now parents Elizabeth and David Browne, who live at Aylmer Park, Naas, are seeking the help of the public in a bid to have the toy helicopter and fire truck returned.

The helicopter was left on the grave of Daniel who was just 12 days old when he died in March 2011.

His brother Cormac passed away after living for 67 days and his resting place was marked with a toy fire truck. Cormac’s first anniversary occurs in April.

“If anybody picked them after they had been taken or knows where they are we’d like them to get in touch. We just want the toys back; it really is very hard to believe that somebody would remove the toys,” said David, a native of Johnstown.

The couple lost both identical twin sons last year despite the best efforts of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Coombe Hospital. The boys were buried together in the Naas parish cemetery.

“We visit there every day, and keep their special spot looking as nice as we can for them, as it is one of the few ways we can still ‘care’ for them. Each of the boys had his own toy on the grave. Daniel had a helicopter with his name on the front, and Cormac had a fire truck also with his name on the front. We have small solar powered lights on the grave that point on the two toys with their names at night.”

David and Elizabeth, a native of the US, were devastated on Sunday last (March 11) to find that someone had taken both the toys from their grave.

“The toys were both wire-locked and pinned to the ground, so it would have taken some effort to remove them. The feeling that someone has invaded the sanctuary of our two baby sons’ grave and taken toys from it has left us extremely upset,” added David.

The toys were taken some time between Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening.

“If anyone could help us to recover the toys we would be extremely grateful”.

The couple have been trying hard to keep their memories alive, and only 2 weeks ago handed over a cheque to the Coombe Hospital for €16,200 raised through various fundraising activities, so that other babies may be helped through the boys’ names.

“In this way we have been trying to do positive things, which is not easy for two parents to have lost both their children in one year. Having their grave interfered with and their toys taken is very upsetting. We would be very grateful for any help we can get.”