Two Kildare women in the running to be 2020 Operation Transformation leaders

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Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Two Kildare women shortlisted to become 2020 Operation Transformation leaders

Kelly Mulligan from Kilcock and Christina Leonard from Carbury pictured at the Operation Transformation 2020 assessment day alongside the 18 other aspiring leaders. Picture Andres Poveda

Two Kildare women are in the running to become 2020 Operation Transformation Leaders.

Kelly Mulligan from Kilcock and Christina Leonard from Carbury are among twenty hopefuls shortlisted for the new series. Five leaders will be selected.

Kathryn Thomas and Christina Leonard from Carbury are pictured at the Operation Transformation 2020 assessment day 

The 20 leaders gathered together for the first time in SportsLink, Santry, in Dublin to be physically and emotionally assessed for a possible place in the 13th series. The new series will air on RTÉ One in early January 2020.

Kelly Mulligan, 32, is a Theatre Midwife in the Coombe. She lives with her partner Noel and their 2 children Jack (3) and Emmett (2). She also has Ben (13) from a previous relationship who lives with them. Noel works as an industrial engineer.

Kelly has been working as a midwife for 12 years and absolutely loves her job. Although it brings many highs there are some lows but she couldn’t imagine herself doing any other job.

Kelly and Noel have been together for 5 years. Both Noel and Kelly agree that she lacks the motivation to do anything even when she isn’t working. She hates cooking and dinner time could be a quick pizza in the oven or something from a packet. It doesn’t help that Noel is quite a picky eater and the kids are starting to go down that route too. Although life is busy for the family. Kelly knows that on her days off she could be prepping but hasn’t the drive for it. She doesn’t exercise at all but feels the food would definitely be the hardest part of the plan for family.

Kelly would love to lose 2 - 3 stone and get back feeling like her normal confident self. She loves her job and her family and wants to be a positive role model for her colleagues and her children.

Christina Leonard, 44, is a stay-at-home mum. She lives with husband Paurice and her 2 children Dylan (15) and Aaron (12). They live in Carbury but Christina is originally from Ballyfermot in Dublin. 

In June this year Christina she was diagnosed with Fybromaylgia. This was a devastating blow for her as she had seen her sister suffer with it over the years.

In 2009, Christina met the love of her life. Paurice and Christina had both been in failed marriages and connected straight away. She admits that he saved her life and put her back together. Christina has a very negative opinion of herself when it comes to her body image. She knows that her lifestyle is at the route of the problem but can’t seem to get it together to make the changes. Meal times could mean 3 different dinners and if she has been picking all day she won’t eat with the family. Her sister has even stopped asking her out walking as she knows what Christina's response will be. 

Christina would love to lose weight and get a healthier lifestyle going for her whole family. She wants to feel confident as a parent. She fears if things don’t change she will continue to put on weight and hate herself even more. 

The 20 hopefuls

This year you can get your first look at the fab five for 2020 as each Leader is revealed Monday to Friday next week (November 18 to 22) from 12.30pm on