REVEALED: Kildare couple to feature on first episode of Dermot Bannon's Room to Improve

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Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


REVEALED: Kildare couple to feature on first episode of Dermot Bannon's Room to Improve

David and Nessa Conlon with architect Dermot Bannon

A Kildare couple are set to appear on the first episode of the 12th series of the hugely successful Room to Improve on RTE One, this Sunday, September 8.

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Architect Dermot Bannon and garden designer Diarmuid Gavin combine forces to create a dream home and garden for David and Nessa Conlon in Athgarvan.

The Conlon's have just bought this 1990s split level detached bungalow and plan to move in with their three children (twin boys aged 11 and a 7 year old girl) once the renovations have been completed.

This is the third time they have bought a house and tried to make it their forever home, but each time, they fall out of love with the house.

The split level house is in a cul-de-sac, close to The Curragh, and is full of interesting quirks, like curved interior walls, a corridor with seven doors leading into bedrooms and bathrooms and most alarmingly – a 600 square meter garden, with a 40 degree slope rising to a height well above the roof of the house.

With a budget of just over 220k, architect Dermot Bannon has a huge challenge on his hands, both inside and outside the house.

This house is basically a series of staggered terraces making their way up the site.  The challenge will be to make their home more legible. Dermot presents a design that sees the house opened up, and a raised pavilion at the rear. But will the clients like what they see?

With plans in place for the house, its time to tackle the elephant outside the room – the garden. Dermot calls on garden supremo Diarmuid Gavin, to design and create what has to be one of the most challenging gardens ever on Room To Improve.

The two men set to work to build what will hopefully become Nessa and David’s forever home.

Tune into RTE One on Sunday, September 8 at 9.30pm to see how they get on.