Naas resident selected as Army Reserve Recruit of the Year


Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


Naas resident selected as Army Reserve Recruit of the Year

Wojtek Kaczor pictured second from the left with fellow Army Reserve Recruits

A Polish National who resides in Naas was selected as the Irish Defence Forces 2018 Army Reserve Recruit of the Year.

Wojtek Kaczor, 34, who moved to Ireland some fifteen years ago, passed out with 3 stars and is encouraging others to
consider joining up, describing it as a wonderful opportunity.

“I feel that for me, it is a wonderful way of giving back to Ireland, as my adopted home. It has brought a new dimension to my life, both personally and professionally, it has broadened my outlook and given me lots of new skills and experiences”.

Mr Kaczor said it was a tough selection process, but describes being part of the Army Reserves as an “honor and a privilege”.

“I worked hard to get in as it was so important to me so I passed all my duties, even though it meant giving up all holidays. It was worth it!.

“I do one weekend a month and I look forward to it. It is varied, it is full on and the sense of camaraderie is very important. We all feel like we are in it together, nothing beats shared experiences with colleagues and that fosters a great sense of community and belonging.

"When the Defence Forces open up the next round of applications for new reserves, I would urge people who are thinking of it to just go for it, it will be the best thing they do."

Wojtek brings the same dedication and passion to his day job at CarveOn, a handcrafted leather accessories company in Kilcullen, which is recognized globally for its top quality products, which it exports to more than 50 countries.

“It is a great place to work; there is a great work ethic, everybody is treated well. I get so much job satisfaction of seeing the leather being transformed into beautiful accessories. It is a specialised craft which people really appreciate more and more ; skill and excellent quality is what customers want.

"I feel so lucky that my day to day work and the Army Reserves is all about team effort and spirit. I have the best of both worlds."