OPERATION TRANSFORMATION UPDATE: A week of inner growth for our leaders

Dr Eddie Murphy gives his views

Dr Eddie Murphy


Dr Eddie Murphy



OPERATION TRANSFORMATION UPDATE: A week of inner growth for our leaders

Leader Siobhan

Last week was a fun week on Operation Transformation, as the leaders’ challenge was to run a café.

Myself, my fellow experts and show presenter Kathryn Thomas were the surprise guests on the day. The camera made it look like I was being fussy about my poached eggs — I was, as I sent them back to the chefs twice!

As they would say, there was skin and hair flying in the kitchen as our two cooks, the distracted Pam and the structured Siobhan, who both have different styles of organisation, hit friction point.

Front of house in the café during the challenge were the talkers and order takers, Cathal, Jean and Paul.

Thanks to the quaint Seamus Ennis Arts Café, in the Naul, County Dublin for allowing the madness of the challenge to take place on their premises.

Innovators, Doers and Finishers

Organisational styles are interesting. Some people are innovators, others doers, and others still finishers. Not many people are all three, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

At times I am a good innovator and doer, but have to work hard on finishing projects.

In your life, can you think where your strengths are and what you might need to work on?

I bet you know a lot of people who start jobs, but don’t get around to finishing them.

And I suspect you know that, if you want somebody to do something, you turn to that same pool of people.

Recognising your strengths is key. Figure out what you want, and go for it.

Here’s how our leaders got on during Week 5 of Operation Transformation

Jean Tierney. Age: 33. From Bruff, Co Limerick

I was down in Limerick to see Jean last week, as she wanted to discuss two things; sleep and her future.

On the sleep side, we looked at the importance of a ‘script’ for sleeping.

When Jean returns home from work and jumps straight into her PJs for the evening, it gives her brain the wrong message.

We need to make a definite shift between resting and relaxing in the evening ,and then going to bed.

Hence you should only put on your pyjamas when going to bed, which signals that it is time for sleep.

I get very excited about future mapping sessions and in this life coaching session with Jean we looked at a potential career for her as a life coach. Together we agreed she would complete an extensive vision board related to her health, family, and work.

Pamela Swayne. Age: 36 Youghal, Co Cork

Pamela dropped a plate on her foot, which impacted on her capacity to hit her weight loss target.

Fitness expert Karl Henry thinks Pam is chaotic, but I disagree.

To me, Pam is too often distracted. I explored this concept, and noted that distraction is a key risk for Pam in achieving her goals in the long term.

Not giving our full attention to what we are doing makes us miss deadlines, fail to complete things and have accidents.

Distraction certainly can be fun — what would we do without social media, TV and the radio? Clearly, there are benefits to distractions as evidenced by the fact that nearly everyone on earth seeks them out. The challenge is to ensure distractions don’t pull us away from the important things in our life, and our goals.

Cathal Gallagher. Age: 48. from Ballyshannon, Co Donegal

Kathryn Thomas went up to Donegal and all is well after the recent disagreement over diet between expert Aoife Hearne and Cathal’s wife Agi.

I increasingly see Cathal as a man who is more accepting of himself in a way that is non-judgemental. This is a big step for him. I don’t hear the harsh, critical voice that he previously used when talking about himself. In my mind, when we replace the harsh internal critic with one that is supportive and nurturing, then we are on the way towards a more positive outcome.

I will be up to Donegal to discuss with Cathal why his weight has fluctuated over the years, and explore his tripwires.

Siobhan O'Brien. Age: 30. from Clonsilla,
Dublin 15

Siobhan hit her 3lbs target weight loss. However, this was not the big part of Siobhan’s journey last week.

Siobhan went to a wedding and while, putting on her dress, she noted that normally she would pick out some fault with her appearance. In addition, she said that “I don’t look awful”.

That is her internal narrative. Siobhan becomes very emotional and when it comes to the area of self-esteem and body confidence, this leader needs some psychological support. I will be seeing Siobhan with a view to exploring these two areas.

Paul Murphy. Age: 41. from Tubbercurry,
Co Sligo

I genuinely feared that Paul would hit all his weight targets in Operation Transformation, but miss the bigger picture — his work /life balance. We need to get our priorities right.

Paul was a new man, lighter in body and more importantly in spirit, after he expressed on camera his innermost concerns about the stress he experiences, which is similar to that of many small business owners.

He was, however, concerned this could be seen as a show of weakness. People around Paul, including his mum, wife and brother, all describe Paul as “strong”.

Men, in particular, too often associate vulnerability with weakness and they don’t open up, resulting in an internal build-up of pressure.

Vulnerability and true strength are two sides of the same coin. Look at Paul now and notice the difference. Awareness and opening up were the first steps for Paul, and it is time now for action.

I invite you to join us on the Operation Transformation Journey each Wednesday on RTE 1 at 9.30pm.