Meet Bailey - Kildare's contender for the 'Nose of Tralee' title

Models for international companies

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Meet Bailey - Kildare's 'Nose of Tralee' contestant

Bailey (right) and her 'butthead brother'

A happy local hound is in the running to be crowned the 2018 Nose of Tralee.

'Bailey' has made it to the final round of the annual Pet Sitters Ireland competition, which is open to all 32 counties in Ireland. She needs the public's support in an online vote to win the competition outright.

Now in its fifth year, each year a Nose is selected in each county, and then an overall Nose of Tralee winner for the year. Selections are made via a series of judging and public votes. This year’s judges included Author Lorna Sixsmith and Comedienne Tara Flynn. Voting has now opened for the public.

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"This is Bailey, and her butthead brother. He’s got the nick ‘brother butt’ for many, many reasons. We knew taking in an 8 week old male puppy would be difficult with Bailey being 9 years old. Turns out, the little guy came with a lot of problems. He was reactive towards dogs, aggressive with food and toys, afraid of everything," said Bailey's owner.

"Walking him was a nightmare, every noise he heard frightened him and every car that drove by left him frozen in place with fear. Bailey taught him everything he knows, good and bad! She let him hide behind her when a car drove past or they were meeting new people and dogs."

Bailey's owner said she taught the puppy how to play, and share, and not to worry or be anxious that a dog was going to take his food or toys.

"I think she would make an amazing Nose of Tralee. Not only has see helped shape Charlie into the great puppy he is now she’s also pretty famous! She models for international companies and her photos are everywhere! Everyone loves her, just like we do! I honestly don’t know what we would do without her," she said.

Nose of Tralee is Ireland’s largest pet competition that includes all animals, not just cats and dogs. To enter, pet owners  submit a photo of their pet looking fabulous and say why their pet deserves to take the title of ‘2018 Nose of Tralee’.

Click here to go to the Pet Sitters website to vote for Bailey.